Simple organization, low overhead

We are a simple organization with two (2) members. A very small business but trusted and respected by local communities.

We started QOBC Dot Com in 2004 as a blog. We then upgraded it to become a simple commercial website in 2015 mainly because we firmly believed that web & mobile technology should be made available to all, regardless of business type, size or countries.

Regrettably, the studies shown that many small-sized (and medium-sized) businesses can’t afford to develop their own mobile-friendly website or mobile apps, even though they know this new technology can be leveraged to transform their business. In our opinion, this is the right time to “redefine” web & mobile technology.

Let’s make it available for all at an affordable cost.

Why you should trust us?

Thanks for keep reading. Let’s me explain why you should trust us.

Open source, Big communities

We develop everything based on Open Source which have big communities members. As example : we develop mobile responsive website based on WordPress (WP) platform which powered more than 75 millions websites worldwide.

If you trust WP, you can trust us too because we always insist on Open Source (we never encrypt our source code and respect our customer’s right). So when upgrading or maintaining your website, you can easily search for WP designer and avoid been overcharged.


Real People

You will be communicating and working with real people. Personally one of our members have been invited to speak in a few open seminars organized by local business associations and groups.

Technology & Travel Blog

We own and manage technology and travel related blogs. Our honest opinions and suggestions are based on real world experience, not just theory. Most of the plugins/ modules are used at our own sites.

Associated websites/ blogs : 


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Small Smart Home Office (SSHO)

In order to offer affordable mobile solutions to small-sized local businesses, we moved to low cost Smart Home-Office (SSHO) in 2015 and cut down unnecessary costs.

Our modern SSHO equipped with : 3x Windows 10 laptops, iPad and Android tablets, 51″ Samsung Smart TV, NAS Cloud Storage system (backup), Local backup system, Zoom modem, Network wireless MFC (consists of Printer, Scanner, Copier and Fax) etc.

” … the fact is we operated from SOHO (Small Home Office), we do not incur the expensive overhead associated with the infrastructure and staff. While most of other web companies spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing gimmicks, pay high salary to CEO and admin team, our philosophy is that we’d rather improve the customer experience and rely on repeat business ….. “

  • Windows 10 Laptop x3 40% 40%
  • Apple iOS iPad 3 x1 20% 20%
  • Samsung Smart TV 51″ x1 20% 20%
  • NAS Cloud Backup Drive x1 20% 20%
  • NAS Local Backup Drive x1 20% 20%
  • Network Multi-Function Centre x1 20% 20%
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