Just because your nonprofit organization doesn’t has a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of web and mobile technology. We believe web & mobile technology should make available for all.

Let us offer your school or nonprofit organization a free website that you can update any time.

Important Note : if you are not part of “nonprofit” organizations, and/ or your organization afford to pay for the bill, please don’t apply for free website/ mobile applications here, instead please support us.

Even though we are small home-office business entrepreneurs, we strive to help every single nonprofit organization or school worldwide to benefit from today web and mobile technology.

#1 Eligibility

Who is eligible ?

1. Nonprofit organizations

2. Nonprofit school/ skills training centre

3. Fundraising events | Example : dinners, walks, runs, or sports tournaments

Who is not eligible ?

We value and respects individual and cultural differences. Therefore, organizations that have the following policy or mission are not eligible : discrimination in hiring, promotion and/or termination based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age or disability.

#2. Apply online

How to apply?

Simply fill-in our online application, then please wait for our response. We shall respond to you within 48 hours depend on your timezone.

Our commitment

We strive to make the application simple, easy and fast. Anyway, if you face any problem or need our assistance, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to assist.

#3. What are included?

What are included?

1. Responsive website or Android app
2. Pre-designed responsive theme
3. Pre-installed site builder (if any)
4. Pre-installed website plugins and Free 12-months updates (if any)

What are not included?

1. Website address (domain name) & hosting account**
2. Upload website contents (built-in site builder, so it’s easier to update)
3. Training (instead, we will provide Tutorial Videos)

#4. The Benefits

What is our benefit?

Honestly, we did not get any “direct” benefit from this sponsorship. The only benefit that we “may” receive is free traffic from website link (or mini banner) that we place at bottom of the sponsored website (Powered by QOBC Dot Com).

What are your benefits?

The whole sponsorship normally cost a few hundred dollars. We will absorb 50% to 100% (zero cost) of the total development cost.

May I Help You?

You may ask me any question related to mobile apps (Android & iOS), responsive websites & web videos, I will provide FREE suggestion and honest opinion in order to help you make a better decision :

I’ve been helping people building mobile apps (Android & iOS), responsive websites and web videos since many months ago. If you need any help or complete solutions, please contact me :

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