Driving in Taiwan – best experience

I love driving in Okinawa, the city is so calm & cool. You can easily rent a car at lower rate through online website. We rent ours at Times Car Rental, not far from Okinawa airport. Furnishing.

Rent-A-Car Taiwan Review

It’s is very easy step. First visit www.klook.com, next choose your destination: Okinawa. Once search results showing, choose type of car you preferred.

The process is rather very fast, taken less than 15 minutes to complete.
Sure, just inform the staff and they will do the necessary arrangement to help. Please always use provided GPS to find the location that you would like to go.

Driving on Okinawa is very enjoyable, the traffic is smooth and not fast. It’s good for those with new driving license to drive too. The road is well maintained & everything is feel good.

To drive in Taiwan you have to obtain a valid International Driving Permit from your home country. In Malaysia, you can just visit any branch of JPJ and the application process taken less than 1 hour. Speeding.

Please bring your original driving license and attached with 2 photocopy of pictures.

driving in taiwan

What you have to do when you arrive Okinawa? Ya… it’s a good questions. You have to contact the Car Rental office, normally there is a bus located at terminal 1 (free shuttle bus) to transport you to their office.

Believe me, driving in Okinawa is really enjoyable. Try yourself, do yourself a favour. Book your car now and driving at Okinawa right now! Driving in Taiwan

Driving in Taiwan always is my dream

I would like to say I really enjoy the driving in Okinawa experience throughout the week. We have visited the world largest akuarium, flora and butterfly museum.

I hope you enjoy reading this Rent-A-Car Okinawa Review

Lastly, thanks for reading, please follow me to know more about my next travel journey. I will bring you more attractive contents. We are targetted to visit Iceland, Prague & Rome in our next trip. See you!

  • 2 pcs of photography
  • Valid driving license
  • Application form


Driving in Taiwan

The most important thing to remember when driving in Okinawa or anywhere in Japan is, to drive on the LEFT side of the road. This may seem confusing at first for people from countries where the custom is to drive on the right side of the road, but it is not so hard and most people can adjust rather quickly.

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